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Mirko Scarabelli, owner of Best Lab, tells about his experience.
Find out what happened to Valerio Corrazzari with his tobacco shop.
Thanks for the burglary foiled by UFO!
Alessandro Torreggiani – Tobacco shop - Scandiano (RE)
Marco Taciti – Tobacco shop - Medesana (PR)
"Ufo has made it possible to prevent the theft from going to sign." Giorgio Pattaccini - Riv 128 - Reggio Emilia (RE)

Finally, thanks to UFO, I have achieved my goal: to prevent a burglary from happening. I already have everything that is traditionally used to secure my premises. Cameras, siren, and various sensors, but I also realized that the fog machine was the missing link to really secure my tobacco shop. Now, I feel safe thanks to UFO and I can also defend myself and those who work with me with the anti-assault kit.

"I chose Ufo because no theft has ever gone to where it is installed and because this is the only one guaranteed for 5 years." Remo Astrologi - Corsini Tobacco Shop - Casalgrande

Undeniably, there is a problem related to the multitude of burglaries that happen every day despite the fact that there are all kinds of systems installed and with sensors installed in every place: glass, floors, and walls. In spite of all this technology, the burglaries are the same because burglars are so quick that it’s really hard to catch them. This is the reason why I decided to install the fog machine in my tobacco shop. I chose UFO because no burglary has ever occurred where installed and because it is guaranteed for 5 years.

"Tonight, November 15, 2018 four criminals were put to flight empty-handed thanks to UFO" Daniele Vignali - Prevented theft in a tobacconist's

I am Daniele Vignali, owner of the tobacco shop located in Castelvetro in Modena. I installed the UFO fog machine about two years ago, convinced of its effectiveness by Pier Paolo, who also on this occasion proved to be a serious professional, capable and above all valuable.

Thanks to his professionalism, mixed with the effectiveness of UFO, tonight four thugs were sent away running empty-handed after breaking into my tobacco shop.

Burglary foiled.

Thanks again to Pier Paolo and UFO!

"After evaluating the various models on the market, we made the decision to install White Srl's Ufo fog generator." Danilo Ravera and Rosy Palumbo - Ovada

Convinced of the fogger's validity in order to prevent burglaries, and after evaluating the various models on the market, we decided to install the UFO fogger by White Srl. It is the best performing on the market and the most complete and the only one that does not need to be connected to our traditional alarm system. We got in touch with the consultant Pier Paolo Mambriani who, both by phone and in our home, was able to follow us from the beginning to the end with professionalism and seriousness. We feel very satisfied with the choice that we made and, from today, we feel more protected and safer.

"We have therefore raised our security by now having two independent alarm systems and not one that depends on the other" Bacchus and Tobacco - Tobacco shop - Riccione (RN)
"With the classic and traditional alarm system I didn't feel safe anymore, that's why I installed Ufo" Luca and Daniela Cavallucci - Tobacco shop - Forli (FC)
“I secured my tobacconist's and my warehouse with two UFO fog generators. " Maria Grazia Orsi - Tobacco shop - Monleale

I have secured my tobacconist's shop and my warehouse with two UFO fog lights. I felt this need because I have read too many times of burglaries even with installed traditional burglar alarms. I opted for UFO because it is the one that gives me more guarantees and advantages both in terms of expense and quality and results. Excellent advice from Pier Paolo Mambriani: very well prepared and precise.

"My goal was to secure my family and the tobacconist's" Luigi Manfredi - Tobacco shop - Sassuolo

I still had a goal to achieve regarding my safety, that of my family members, and my tobacco merchandise: to prevent burglars from succeeding in stealing from me. After a careful analysis, I opted for the fogger because I believe in this product. It completely takes away visibility in a matter of seconds. I have relied on the UFO Fog because to date it has foiled all attempts at burglaries.

Pier Paolo, excellent consultant. Recommended.

“I've always been used to saying things as they are. Ufo is the best fog generator around and Pierpaolo as a consultant is by far the best I've met. " Andrea Iodice - Tobacco shop - Reggio Emilia

I have always been used to telling it like it is. UFO is the best fogger around and Pier Paolo as a consultant is clearly the best I have met. Everything was perfect from the first meeting to the installation. Super recommended. Trust me.

"Thanks to Rolando for his availability and professionalism in assembling the machine."

I became aware of your product thanks to word of mouth from my colleagues during a meeting of the Tobacconists Association where we also had the problem of continuous and frequent burglaries that affect us... I got in touch with your consultant Rolando Goretti who came to see me the day after the call and proposed a solution. Once we had the offer and the model suitable for our premises, we made the contract, which was concluded quickly. After a few days, the machine arrived with all the accessories. Your consultant took care of the assembly in a very accurate way. Once it was finished, we did a test run. In one second, the room was full of smoke, imagine in 10 seconds... Thanks to Rolando for his helpfulness and professionalism in assembling the machine.

"I bought the UFO fog generator after realizing that the duration of a theft is so short that sirens and cameras are almost superfluous." Daniela Pellacani - San Prospero

I purchased the UFO Fog Machine after realizing that the duration of a burglary is so short that sirens and cameras are almost useless.

I inquired about various solutions. After evaluating the various devices on the market, UFO proved to be the best for its advantages and with the best quality/price ratio.

"I haven't found anyone else who would give me such security and a reliable 5-year warranty." Good Aurelio - Salerno

I am the owner of a tobacconist shop in Salerno, Riv. 113 to be exact, and after yet another burglary, I completely lost my belief that the traditional alarm still worked as a deterrent and I set out to find a really effective way. I chose UFO because I am sure that it is the best product on the market, especially from the point of view of service and safety of the functionality of the device. I couldn't find anyone else that would give me such security and a reliable 5 year warranty.

"I believe the fog generator is the only system capable of preventing the thief from carrying out the theft." Giovanni De Noia - Fontanellato (PR)

The fog system is the only system that can prevent burglars from carrying out burglaries.

I opted for UFO to replace a fog system that I had previously installed, which gave me compatibility problems with the existing alarm system and costing me too much money in maintenance costs that no one had budgeted for before. It cost so much more even for a rental; with UFO, I save a lot!

With UFO, I solved every problem because it is not connected to my existing system, being self-installing, it has no cost of maintenance or installation and costs considerably less with a 5 year warranty.

"I was not sure of its effectiveness, seeing it in action convinced me!" Neso Jewelery - Varago (TV)
"I found the perfect product in the UFo fog generator, since today it is the only truly effective active anti-theft device." Errani Appliances - Sant’Alberto di Ravenna (RA)
My goal was to protect myself and my business. Simona Anzola - Tobacconist Riv. 14 - Parma
"We are finally convinced that we have done everything possible to defend ourselves and our jewelry." Ge.Ma - Jewelery - Farrier
“I suffered three thefts. The traditional system didn't work. UFO technology, on the other hand, serves to avoid theft itself " The Little Oasis - Chiusi (SI)

I am Marco Mencarelli, owner of La Piccola Oasi of Chiusi City (S.I.), I have a tobacco shop, newsstand, and bookstore. I installed the UFO burglar alarm a few days ago, after seeing an advertisement in the magazine "La voce del tabaccaio". I was immediately intrigued, since in recent years I have suffered three burglaries. I also have the traditional alarm system, but that only serves to make the criminals speed up, but the theft happens anyway. The technology of UFO instead serves to prevent the theft itself, which is not a small thing!!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Rolando Goretti - the consultant for my area - who immediately after my phone call came to visit me in the store. He explained the device to me in detail and I decided to install it.

“I have installed the UFO anti-theft device and I feel much calmer and safer. " Roberto de Carlo - La vignaccia coffee - Giulianello (LT)

I am the owner of a tobacco bar in Giulianello in the province of Latina and, unfortunately, I have often been targeted by burglars who, despite my alarm system with video surveillance and a security service, have always managed to force themselves through one of the entrances and steal a large number of cigarettes and scratch cards in a very short time. Since I installed the UFO fog burglar alarm, I feel much more comfortable and secure. I am very satisfied with the professional service provided by the area consultant as well as the support service provided by the manufacturer.

"After having suffered a major theft in the middle of the night we considered UFO as the only valid alternative" Pier Paolo Mambriani - Tecnoforniture Welding srl - Casalgrande (RE)

After having suffered a major theft in the middle of the night and having found that the traditional alarm was not sufficient, we thought of what we believe today is the only valid alternative to protect us from burglars: the fog machine.

We opted for UFO because the quality of the product and the company's professionalism and its consultant stood out for their availability and attention to our needs. We did the test of the fog machine once it was installed and we are reassured about the quality of our investment: in 40 seconds, our 250 sqm and 5 meters high space was safe.

"For their guarantees they seemed crazy to me, but then by choosing it I discovered that everything they guaranteed was true!" Gaetano Allegro - Noceto (PR)

After some hesitation about the validity of the fogger, I started to document and compare the various foggers available on the market.

I opted for the UFO fogger of White srl because it meets all my needs: 5 year warranty, in case of malfunction, the replacement of the device in 48 hours and no hidden costs of installation, maintenance, and assistance.

By way of assistance, the one that I received from the White consultant, Pier Paolo Mambriani, is noteworthy: a serious and reliable professional, everything he told me during the consulting phase was revealed in reality.

“We were hesitant, then seeing him in action we were convinced! Zero visibility and there was no residue left. " Lisa and Nadia - Shulder Optician - Florence

We bought the UFO fogger initially with some hesitation because we were not sure that the fog would secure the store in a matter of seconds and, not least, that it would not leave any kind of residue after airing out the room. Well, after the test shot, we have seen and touched with our own hands the validity of the UFO fog machine because in a few seconds the room was at zero visibility and no residue was left. Pier Paolo Mambriani followed us with professionalism from the presentation of the product to its implementation, including the test with Leonardo Fontana's owner. Seriousness and professionalism are the values that we found in them.

"I opted for the UFO fog generator as it is self-installing and does not depend on a previously installed alarm." Claudio Righi - Eyewear - Fiesole (FI)

I'm Claudio Righi, owner of "L'occhiale" optician in Fiesole (FI). After several evaluations, I thought of the fog generator as an alarm system capable of securing my business in the shortest possible time. I opter for the UFO fog generator as iti is self-installing and does not depend on a previously installed alarm. This ensures maximum efficiency without the annoying possibility of false alarms. The 5-year warranty guarantees quality at the highest level. The company was attentive and helpful. The consultant Pier Paolo Mambirani proved to be capable and serious, and above all able to advise me in the best possible way.

"After consulting the internet, I realized that the UFO fog generator was the best on the market." Tobacconist Bellini Davide - Modena
"I was also afraid for my business, so I decided to rely on UFO" Service Area - Santa Maria a Vico - CE
"I installed a UFO M PRIME in my pharmacy to defend myself from the increasingly frequent thefts in my sector" La Gatta Pharmacy - Venice

I installed a UFO M PRIME in my pharmacy to protect myself from the increasing burglaries that affect our industry. I am satisfied with the product.

"We are thrilled with our new Fog System," Olla - Jewelery - Oristano

"We are thrilled with our new fog alarm. We also discovered the use of the app that I must say makes everything more convenient, so you can disarm or arm UFO even if you are far from the store.


I thank the agent Gianluca for the availability.

"After going through a very bad experience, we realized that only through the UFO fog generator could we raise our personal safety level." Valenza Oro - Jewelery - Corso Vittorio Emanuele

After having a very bad experience, we realized that it was only through the UFO fogger that we could raise our level of personal security. We were surprised by the benefits and advantages that this product offers and we are very satisfied with both the product and the consultant Pier Paolo Mambriani, who turned out to be a true professional.

"It is the only one to have an anti-aggression kit and the only one not connected to the existing alarm system." Jonathan Modenese - iCafè - Piacenza (PC)

After much research on how to protect my business and the people who work with me, I opted for UFO: the self-installing fogger. It is the only one to have an anti-aggression kit and the only one not to be connected with the existing alarm system. Pier Paolo Mambriani is a synonym of seriousness and reliability.

CEREXPO srl is a leader in digital printing and has decided to protect itself from theft with Ufo fog generators
“Thanks Ufo, from today even my tobacconist is safe. Excellent investment both for my business and for my person. Goal achieved." Michael Calzari - Tobacconist - Piacenza