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The first fog security system that foils 100% of all burglaries!

The alarm sounds,
Ufo stops the robbery and protects you!

What is UFO?

Watch Ufo in action

UFO is an innovative security fog system, made in Italy, generating a real wall of fog in just 5 seconds. The fog is not toxic or dirty and leaves no residue. Its goal is preventing the thief from seeing and acting.

The unique security system that foils 100% of all burglaries 

The security

Unlike other burglar alarms, which only sound a siren in case of an attempted burglary, UFO is the unique security system able to stop a burglar physically.

the other security alarms only make sounds.


Everything under your control

It detects the Burglary

The thief tries to break-in.

It creates the Fog

UFO detects movement and activates its fog, filling the room in 5 seconds.

It alerts you

As soos as it detects an attempted burglary, you'll receive a notification from the UFO app.

The anti-theft device UFO is a professional security system designed to be infallible.Self-diagnosis is able to immediately detect any malfunction and remote assistance will solve the problem. If the problem cannot be solved, the faulty device will be replaced with a new one free of charge.

We stop robberies everyday all over Europe

i tentativi di furto da parte dei ladri!

Foiled burglaries


Why buying a fogging UFO?

The usual alarm system cannot physically stop burglaries. They merely emit an alarm and warn of a burglary in progress. A burglary lasts an average of one minute, which is certainly less time than what is necessary for the intervention of those who have been alerted by the alarm system.

The UFO fogger can act instantly, stopping the burglary and keeping the room safe and unusable for about half an hour.

UFO is for everyone!

For your home

UFO is the revolution in the field of burglar alarms, so you can protect your entire home without having to worry about any possible burglary.

For your activity

Why continue to protect yourself only partially? UFO guarantees you 100% of folied thefts, thus protecting all of your goods.

We protect you or we refund you
the total loss from the burglary

We are talking about 100% foiled burglaries. We offer a 5 years warranty. If UFO does not succeed in foiling the burglary, we will refund you the entire value of the stolen goods! *Coming soon*

No waste of time

UFO is ready in just a few minutes. You only need to connect the plug to a socket. It is the first plug & play security fog system.

No installation costs

No false alarm

No invasive intervention


With the app control is in your hands

The services of UFO are centralized on your Smartphone, which enables you to have complete management and a comprehensive view of UFO, alerting you in case of a burglary!

Everything is under your control!

  • Activate and deactivate the alarm at any time via app
  • Anti-theft function to protect you even when you are at home
  • Continuous self-diagnosis
  • Camera to always see everything that happens

About us

We are a young company made by young people. We believe in technology, innovation and useful ideas. Our production site is located near Treviso - Italy. We design, test and produce all of our products in Italy because we believe that Made in Italy is real added value.

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The best way to talk about UFO is to let those who have already tried it do it!

Pietro Labò
Pietro Labò
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Very helpful and knowledgeable.
Very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you!
Farmacia Genova
Farmacia Genova
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The assistance is excellent.
The assistance is excellent, I have always talked to Mr. Piercarlo, very kind and prepared. It solved all my perplexities! Thank you.
Vante Lione
Vante Lione
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My fog generator works great.
My fog generator now works great thanks to the immense professionalism and preparation of the technician Piercarlo, he accompanied me step by step through the phone! What about qualified person and top assistance, thanks again!
Gerardo caruso
Gerardo caruso
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I have seen ufo in action, it has a unique power.
I have seen UFO in action, it has a unique power that allows you to saturate the environment in a few seconds, unique on the market and completely separate from other alarms as it is autonomous.
M Calapai Rappresentanze - Cat
M Calapai Rappresentanze - Cat
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UFO - The only ... that blocks the Burglary !!!
I have seen UFOs in action and have been very impressed with its efficiency ... I am sure there is no other method to stop thieves in both homes and businesses.
Paola Locatelli
Paola Locatelli
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Great device.
All things being equal, it has no competition because the technology is the most advanced and always evolving. This is demonstrated by 100% of prevented burglaries. Great device !!!
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Ufo ingenious product.
Ufo Brilliant product !!! It struck me 4 years ago when few knew it, I wanted to believe it, and after a few months I was saved from a providential theft ..., since then I am really excited to have bought it, I also had some of my family members take it. The assistance is also excellent, I recommend it.