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As part of our international development, we are recruiting Brand Ambassadors and single-handed salespeople who will be responsible for covering the area assigned to them, procuring customers and proposing our fog security system device.

But first, let us introduce UFO Security system...

Protecting people's businesses and homes since 2014.

We are a young company made by young people. We believe in technology, innovation and useful ideas. Our production site is located near Treviso – Italy. We design, test and produce all of our products in Italy because we believe that Made in Italy is real added value.

Here's how our fog generator protects you from thieves.

Detect the break-in

UFO is equipped with artificial intelligence that allows it to detect a possible break-in autonomously, totally reducing the possibility of error or delay in detection.

Stop burglaries immediately

Unlike the other systems, UFO does not need an operations center to deliver the fog. The fog is delivered instantly thanks to UFO's proprietary artificial intelligence.

Rapid deployment force

Once the room is secured, UFO calls up to 8 numbers or the surveillance.

The best technologies made available to people.

* 1. The backup battery guarantees the operation of Ufo even in the event of a power failure for 7 hours.

The classic alarm systems that we all know have an increasingly evident limit: they are not able to stop the thief. They only warn of the current theft.

The only one that foils 100% of all burglaries.

Prevent burglaries with a wall of fog generated in just 5 seconds.

UFO is a professional security system designed to be infallible. Self-diagnosis is able to immediately detect any malfunction and remote assistance will solve the problem. If the problem cannot be solved, the faulty device will be replaced with a new one free of charge.

With the app control is in your hands.

The services of UFO are centralized on your Smartphone, which enables you to have complete management and a comprehensive view of UFO, alerting you in case of a burglary!

Everything is under your control!

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The assistance is excellent, I have always talked to Mr. Piercarlo, very kind and prepared. It solved all my perplexities! Thank you.

Farmacia Genova

I have seen UFOs in action and have been very impressed with its efficiency … I am sure there is no other method to stop thieves in both homes and businesses.

M Calapai Rappresentanze

All things being equal, it has no competition because the technology is the most advanced and always evolving. This is demonstrated by 100% of prevented burglaries. Great device !!!

Paola Locatelli

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